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Q32 series caterpillar shot blasting machine

  • Q32 Series Automatic Rubber Belt Conveyor Type Shot Blasting Machine for Cast Iron
Q32 Series Automatic Rubber Belt Conveyor Type Shot Blasting Machine for Cast Iron

Q32 Series Automatic Rubber Belt Conveyor Type Shot Blasting Machine for Cast Iron

Product Description

Industrial metal parts cleaning Q32 shot blasting machine
Industrial metal parts cleaning Q32 shot blasting machine is a small cleaning equipment, mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blaster assembly, elevator, separator, electrical system, etc. it is suitable for sand cleaning, rust removal, oxide skin removal and surface strengthening of small castings, forgings, stamping parts, gears, springs and other parts, especially for cleaning and strengthening of parts that are not afraid of collision

The series of product are used for surface cleaning ,rust removing and strengthening of small and medium sized casting,forgings,heat-treated workpieces in machine tool factory ,car plant,spring factory,heat treatment workshop,,casting workshop and punching workshop.    

Product Feathers
1)Feeding automatically
2)Apply to varieties and large and medium workpiece in mass production
3)Used separately,or used in production line

Technical Parameter
Weight of feedingkg300600600
Max. Weight of single workpiecekg103050
Diameter of end diskmmΦ650Φ1000Φ1000
Effective volumeM30.150.30.3
Abrasive flow rateKg/min1001802x180
Effect Show
  Industrial Metal Parts Cleaning Q32 Shot Blasting Machine Price

Our advantage
1)Our company own 40 years professional production experience in shot blasting machinery industry  .
2)Our company accept OEM and ODM.
3)Many senior professional engineers of our company make the best solution for you.
4)Perfect quality control system, CE, BV, ISO9001 certification.
5)The main components are international famous brands.
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7)Professional after-sales service to eliminate your worries.

8)Factory site installation and commissioning to ensure the normal use of the equipment

How to quickly get quotation ?
We accept customized design services based on your requirements. In order to quickly quote to you, kindly let us know the detailed information below, our professional engineers team will make a perfect plan for you.
1)What kind of workpiece do you want to clean?
2)What is the maximum and minimum size and weight of your workpiece?
3) What is your total daily production?
4) How many hours do you work each day?