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About Us

The predecessor of the company was founded in 1976. After the restructuring of collective enterprises, the original Dalong alloy foundry was disintegrated, and Dafeng Dalong Foundry Machinery Factory (now officially renamed Yancheng Dafeng Dalong Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd.) was established. Up to now, the company has become a surface treatment machinery with fixed assets of more than 10 million and more than 200 employees (sand blasting coating room, steel plate pretreatment line, shot blasting cleaning machine) and professional manufacturers of supporting parts.

The company is located in Dalong Industrial Park, xituan Town, Dafeng City, with beautiful scenery, covering an area of 21000 square meters. At present, the company has several main production workshops, such as sand blasting and coating room production, shot blasting machine assembly, wear-resistant parts casting, alloy steel shot production, metalworking and so on. It mainly produces various models of sand blasting and coating room, shot blasting cleaning machine, sand mixer, various wear-resistant alloy steels and various kinds of spraying machines Sand shot, etc.

The company is a professional machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and consulting services. It produces various series of shot blasting machines, various models of sand blasting coating rooms, various models of cleaning machines, various wear-resistant alloy steels and various sand blasting pellets with high technical content, and the product performance has reached the domestic advanced level. It has developed and produced various wear-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant products Impact alloy casting has unique performance to resist the wear of products caused by various objects. The anti-wear materials are jointly made with the Institute of science and technology.

The company's products: various models of sand blasting coating room, shot blasting cleaning machine, sand mixer, various wear-resistant alloy steels, and various shot for sand blasting.

Under the supervision of the company's technology department, physical and chemical room and other departments, the company's product quality can remain stable and innovate continuously to meet the current needs of product surface treatment in different industries.